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Ethical Principles of N.H. Industrietechnik

We develop the trust of our customers and work to Hanseatic Principles,a handshake is binding for us and we want to be taken at our word

2 Fairness
We deal fairly with our customers and also we want to be dealed fair, balanced fairness is the foundation for a human cooperation

3 Humanity
We see the people and not just the customer, nobody is infallible

4 Competence
We have the competence in our speciality to offer our customers sustainable solutions, on both sides

5 Benefit
We work with economic considerations, the customers value is always in the foreground

6 Liability
We take responsibility for our solutions, each of our employees stands in personal responsibility, ethical misconduct is not tolerated

7 Internal
We treat all informations we receive from our customers as confidential, third parties receive only necessary informations

8 Neutrality
We commit us to neutrality, if our ethical principles are threatened, about our conviction we will not aim a cooperation, we retire from the deal

9 Sustainability
With our solutions we protect the environment, consequently we hold the survival of our community and society

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